• We arrive at your home or set-up location approximately 90 minutes before
    dusk or scheduled event time.
  • You provide level and clean surface with ample space for projection and
    sound equipment set-up.
  • You provide accessible power within 70’ of the equipment set-up location.  
    STR can provide a generator at additional cost.
  • We set-up, connect power and test audio and visual equipment.
  • For outdoor events; start time is approximately 10 to 15 minutes after dusk.
  • Event duration 3 or until 12:30 am for outdoor events.  Additional time is possible
    and charged at an hourly rate.  Billing increments in 30 minute intervals.
  • At event close, we tear down, pack-up and transport equipment from your location.

What are the costs?

    Our entertainment packages start at just $275 for an indoor 12 foot (144") cross
    diagonal VJ screen.  This package offers an economical solution for small to medium
    group gatherings up to 70 people.  The VJ screen will fit inside most indoor garage and
    high bay settings.  It includes our standard projector, 400W PA
    system and DVD player.  This is a great screen for movies, Karaoke, video gaming and
    TV events.  For outdoor or larger venue sites, we recommend up-sizing to our inflatable
    8', 12'. 18', 24' & 32' screen systems.  Call or email us today!  We'll send a
    program pamphlet that describes each screen package, set-up requirements and

Movie Style Concessions!

    For those who crave authentic “movie style” popcorn with their
    entertainment, we can also include our antique replica old
    fashion popcorn maker at your event.  Don’t microwave or air
    pop!  We’ll get the kettle brimming with popcorn the only way
    we know how, served-up in old fashion popcorn bags.  Now you
    have the sights, the sound and the smell of the movies in your
    own backyard, an  absolute treat for the senses.

    Popcorn packages start at just $60. Don't forget the hot nacho
    chips w/ cheese, cotton candy, hot dogs and whatever else
    your taste buds hunger for!  Watching a movie without a tasty
    snack is like arriving at your destination and not getting out of
    the car!


Travel Outside Livingston County?

If your event is located outside our standard coverage area, we still look forward to serving you!  For remote
set-up locations, a mileage charge of $1.25 per mile in excess of 20 miles from Brighton, MI will be applied.  
See map below for the standard service rate area.  For set-up locations in excess of 100 miles from
Brighton, an additional overnight charge of $120 to the mileage fee will be applied to the rental cost.  These
travel charges apply to all screen and Twister rental packages.  Travel charges are not subject to
FaceBook and other applied discounts.
Stardust Theatre Rentals - Brighton, Michigan 48116 - Phone: 810-360-9875
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STR-8 (96" Cross Diagonal Screen)
STR-24 (288" Cross Diagonal Screen)
STR-32 (384" Cross Diagonal Screen)
STR-14 (168" Cross Diagonal Screen)
STR-18 (216" Cross Diagonal Screen)