• Be a good neighbor.  STR employs a professional sound system
    and light projection show.  Outdoor movies and games are great
    entertainment, but they can be very loud as well.  Make sure you
    inform your neighbors regarding your plans to have a movie and
    game night.  If possible, we always encourage you to invite them
  • Control Mosquitoes:  Mosquitoes are the one pest that can spoil any
    outdoor event.  If you live in an area that is prone to mosquitoes, take
    precautions to minimize their presence before nightfall.  This includes
    spraying repellent products on your lawn during the afternoon of the
    event, burning citronella candles, Tiki torches or employing other pest
    control equipment.  Foggers are OK, but not after set-up.

  • Maintain a Dark Environment:  Select a location that provides
    good cover of darkness at night.  Well lit areas do not provide
    favorable surroundings for the outdoor movie experience.  If
    light is necessary, we prefer stars and moon glow.

  • Source Electrical Power:  Provide dependable and consistent power
    supply within 70 feet of the set-up location.

  • Establish a secure area for equipment set-up and operation:  
    As with all entertainment events, the need to set up a
    basic perimeter or safe zone around the primary
    components including movie screen, projection
    equipment and sound system is vital.  This is for the
    safety of your group, but especially small children and

  • Schedule in advance: The Summertime goes by too fast.  Reserve your
    date as soon as possible to make certain it is available!!

  • Plan your evening:  Although there are unlimited entertainment options;
    there is a limited amount of time to enjoy them.  Good planning assures
    maximum entertainment value.  Select a great feature and delegate the
    remaining time to games or other condensed films or shorts.  We
    always encourage multiple day rentals as well.
Planning Your Outdoor Entertainment Eventt
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