Q: What if the weather forecast calls for rain?
A:  If rain, thunderstorm or high winds are in the forecast, we can still reschedule the event within the next 30
to 365 days.  There is no charge on event reschedules if cancelled before 4 pm the day of the event.

Q:  Are we allowed to set-up the theatre and projection equipment by my swimming pool or bonfire?
A:  Yes!  At the discretion of the STR personnel, we can set-up the projection screen in the  general
proximity of your Bonfire and Swimming Pool,

Q:  Are we able to rent multiple screens at a time, maybe set-up one for video games and the other for
video or movie watching?
A:  Yes!  We offer a 20% discount on the second system if two-2 or more screens are rented concurrently at
the same location.  Ask a STR representative for more details on these special discounts.

Q:  Are we able to rent the screens for the weekend or several days in a row?
A:  Yes!  It is still necessary however to dismantle and store all electrical equipment at the close of the
evening’s events.  For most of these applications, a large “tarp” will be applied over the viewing screen for
overnight protection.  We offer a 15% discounted rate for each subsequent day on a multiple day rental.

Q: Are we able to schedule our event indoors or during the daytime?
A:  Yes!  If there is adequate space available for set-up and easy access to the location.  Indoor events on
the inflatable screen or canvassing wall are also a great form of entertainment.  An indoor venue can also
be selected if bad weather forces the party indoors.

Q: I would like to play my Video games on the big screen and sound system.  Am I allowed to do this?
    A:  Yes!  We allow just about any game console to plug into our projection
    and sound equipment assuming we have the appropriate plug-in
    connectors.  We'll even provide a PS2 w/ 2 wireless remotes at NO

Q:  Is there a preference towards “front” or “rear” projection set-up?
A:  Although “front projection” (FP) offers some minor advantages, our preference is always towards “rear
projection” (RP) set-up.  Under these conditions, the projector and all other supporting components are
placed behind the screen and out of sight of the viewing spectators.  The viewers watch a transposed image
coming though the screen from the other side.  RP insures minimal chance for people or objects to block the
light projection or risk stepping on cables and power cords that run to and from various components.  RP
also allows for maximum viewing space in front of the screen for the attendees.  Assuming the set-up area
allows for RP, we will always pursue that option first.

Q:  Is Stardust Theatre Rentals insured for outdoor events?
A:  Yes, we retain comprehensive insurance coverages for all show events.
Q:  May I legally show movies in my backyard or outside?
    A:  DVDs acquired from local rental stores are copyrighted and licensed for
    private, home viewing only.  For large groups including public showings, fund
    raisers or commercial events that involve paid admission, special licensing is
    required.  This licensing is easily acquired through companies like Swank
    Productions (www.swank.com).  This is a simple procedure and STR can help
    guide you through the process.  In most circumstances, licensing represents a
    great opportunity to work with local business to help sponsor your movie night.  
    Contact us for details.


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