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How do I schedule an event?

  • Call our friendly STR representative at 810-360-9875
    or at the contact link below to start the process.
  • Confirm a date in which you would like to schedule the event.
  • Confirm the number of people attending your event and any
    other special requirements you believe are relevant to the
    occasion.  We’ll help you select a program that best suits your
  • Apply a 50% down payment deposit for the event.  Once funds
    are received, we will hold and secure your date in our program
    schedule.  You have up to 1 week advance notice before the
    event to cancel the engagement and still receive 100%
    reimbursement.  There’s nothing to it!
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Stardust Theatre Rentals - Brighton, Michigan 48116 - Phone: 810-360-9875
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