Rental Includes:
  • Twister "Command Spinner"
  • Set-up, take down and removal of equipment
  • 4 hour rental
  • On-site  staff to provide support and supervision
  • Portable 400W PA sound system for calling out game
    commands and music (IPOD, MP3s, CDs, etc.).  Music
    playing devices not included.
An old favorite, now SUPER SIZED for more
big time fun!  Enjoy a 20 ft by 20 ft playing
surface that can entertain up to 6 adults or 8 kids
at a time.  Don't forget the teens...OMG!  Rent
as a stand alone item or include with a screen
rental at a significantly reduced rate!  A fun and
challenging group event that will test your
strength, flexibility and balance.  You know you
want to play it, contact STR and will take care of
the rest!
                                                                           Safety Rules
  • Remove all shoe wear before entering playing surface
  • Remove all sharp or pointed objects before entering playing surface
  • No food, gum, drinks, pets, or spraying devices on playing surface
  • No tumbling, flipping, wrestling, chasing or piling on others
  • Do not enter playing surface if pregnant or convalescing physical injury
  • Players noticeably intoxicated or under the effects of medication will not be allowed on
    playing surface
  • All players entering the playing surface must be dry or toweled off if recently exiting a
    pool or lake area.
  • Do not jump against, climb or play near side walls.
  • If weather deteriorates or unit starts to deflate, exit playing surface immediately
  • Maximum gross weight for player group not to exceed 1,000 lbs.
Stardust Theatre Rentals - Brighton, Michigan 48116 - Phone: 810-360-9875
Inside or Outside, TWISTER is a hit!