Here's a short video that demonstrates
Pipe & Drape in action.  Watch as this
cluttered garage is turned from "
Drab to
" in no time!  STR can include a fog
machine, sound system, strobe, trance
and laser lighting!  Now this party is really
Before                                          After

What is Pipe & Drape?

Pipe & Drape is a light-weight free standing aluminum tubing
system with horizontally mounted curtains.  It provides a low
cost means to quickly and easily separate an area for a
specialty purpose.  It offers a great alternative to staging or
clearing clutter for events like movie nights, business and
weddings.  A perfect solution for dressing-up unsightly areas
for entertaining, working or whatever...........
So how does it work?
Stardust Theatre Rentals - Brighton, Michigan 48116 - Phone: 810-360-9875
STR Home Cineplex Experience